Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Nollywood Divas Tonto,Rukky,Halima, and Uche ogbodo Hot or in Hot mess in Red fiery hair.

You know the trend in Nollywood when one actress starts the others follow, before it was the actresses shaving their hair to Gorimapa and Claiming they were being paid Millions until Charles Novia put them on blast for lying, Now na Red hair  tinz.

In the Recent week just passed the Divas Tonto dike,Uche and Halima Abubakar have Embraced the Red hair style but for Rukky sandra who tried it and later ditched it perhaps she didn't like it.

To be sincere apart  from Rukky Sandra  the other Babes are a No,No for me.See More Photos

Image Source ;That1960chick.

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