Sunday, 5 May 2013

No marriage till 34 -- Halima Abubakar

 Sexy actress halima Abubakar seems to be enjoying life to the fullest as the babe no wan marry till 34 at lea
st according to what she told Sun News paper.

In a new interview with The Sun Newspaper, here is what the actress said about marriage;

    You just said you wanted marriage but it does not seem to be on your list at the moment?
   I am not in that age where I would give up yet. I am not in that age where I will be bothering myself about   marriage. When I clock 34, people can begin to say whatever they want to say. Then I will start thinking, but that is not in my budget now.

Hello Menopause tinz knocking at your door babe Lol just kidding every one has a right to decide what to do when it comes to his or her life.

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