Friday, 3 May 2013

Kay Switch to Launch his own Record label--Products Republic.

 Don't know how true this is  but i got this from Linda ikeji i think that my Nigga Kayswitch wants to start his  own record label  mehnnnn.. everybody their own  record label any way sha  see how she reports it--
  Every artist in Nigeria now wants to own a record label. Ki lo de? If everyone is a record label executive,who  are y'all going to sign? Anyway, Sister Caro crooner K-Switch is getting ready to launch his own record label called Products Republic, which he says means a republic for anybody who thinks he/she is a product. The record label will be under D'banj's DB Records and will be launched with K-Switch's Scam 101 mix-tape in June.
Is all alright.

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