Monday, 6 May 2013

Does Rukky Sanda look like Kim Kardashian.

Got this from that1960chick.

Rukky sanda Nollywood Diva posted this picture of herself on instagram  and her fans were now like you look like Kim Kardashian see some their comments
           Omg you look like Kim k in this pic
            Seriously you look like kimkardashian !!!wow!!! this is ma fav pic of you

She then replied by saying Lol oh God you cuties r so many ppl will look like with one face lst itz Trina Who by the way i absolutely  love now kim looool! so cray hugs basking with the delight of kim kardashian comparisons.

GBAM!!! Correct babe you sef know, in my own opinion she does not look like KimK she might look like Kemi kardashian  Lol Just kidding.

 But seriously Rukky is absolutely beautiful but does she look like Kim?

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