Friday, 31 May 2013

BBA Chase Season 8 - - Zimbabwean Housemate Pokello in S-E-X Tape Drama.

Yikes!!! When you go on a show like the BBA better be sure that you've got your game covered because all your secret are sure to be revealed to the continent called Africa Don't get it Twisted.

27 Year Old Pokello from Zimbabwe seems to be in this dilemma as the Sex Tape she made with  her Boyfriend Desmond Chideme Rapper as far back as 2011 has resurfaced now to haunt her.Pictures from the X-rated Video showed her rather too intimate Poses with Desmond, See the Photos after the cut

Yikes will always haunt you !!!

Some Zimbabweans  have created a group on Facebook   claiming she tarnished the image of Zimbabwe and is not fit to represent the country   See it here
      Support your Family not Pokello ,all that time you are watching her read the bible, stop this Pokello Idolatry now what will your children learn from her, even her own child what will she learn ?that you can be porn star and get anything you want because of corruption ?it is so funny some people are even supporting a porn star to represent a nation 

I don't know to say what is your Opinion ,should she be Removed from the BBA Chase?


  1. Choi wahala dey o.

  2. I don't think so cuz that was as far back 2011.