Sunday, 7 April 2013

TUface is owing me 50% royalty from African queen.

Black Faze a former member of the plantation boiz is still insisting that Tuface stole his idea and is insisting that Tuface should pay him 50% royalty from African Queen, he was not seen at Tuface's wedding in Dubai.
             This is an excerpts from the interview with channel tv--

What is your relationship with Tuface?
We are ex members of Plantashun Boiz.

When was the last time you and Tuface communicated?
Omo the communication just dey o. Everybody is on his own but I communicate with Faze often.

Does that mean you are closer to Faze than Tuface?
Yes, because I like a kind of somebody that I can discuss music with. I and Faze often talk about music, rhythm and career development. Faze is more of a person I can discuss that kind of thing with unlike Tuface.

 The song, ‘African Queen’ has generated a lot of controversy. Who is the rightful owner of the song?
I know the song has generated a whole lot of revenue. Right now, I and Tuface have joint ownership of that song. But from the inception it was not like that. My publisher, BMI had to find a way to work that out. All the funds the song has been generating, I’m supposed to have 50 per cent of it, which I’m not getting and I don’t just know what is happening. I’m still trying to find out what is happening. There is even a situation whereby somebody in Jamaica sang African Queen and some other persons like that of which I was not aware.
Nobody told me that he was going to sing my song. So, there are some issues that I and Tuface need to sit down and iron out, but Tuface is difficult to get on the table.

Black faze African Queen don pass nau Lol. My brother forget it and move on.

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