Saturday, 13 April 2013

The late Goldie willed all her Properties to Charity.

The Late Goldie has willed all her properties to charity at least according to her Family members who said
she was working with an NGO Project Alert On Violence against Women .she had wanted to use this means to better the life of people.

Some People are asking why she willed all her properties to Charity--Did she know she die.Some are even saying that her Family members do not want to have anything to do with  her property--People and their mouth,I believe this is Untrue.

But i believe Goldie was a Good Person as such it was in the process  of  continuing her Kind Gestures that she might have decided to will all her properties Gbam!!

The Auction would take place on the May 1 2013,it would auctioned to the pubic--Take a look at some of  Properties she wants to auction ,they are very nice.OLUWAGOLDIE you will be greatly missed.

Goldie was such a kind Person there are still more of her ptoperties that i could not have access to,May her soul rest in peace.

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