Friday, 19 April 2013

sinkhole swallows up three cars in chicago today

this is according NBC

A driver was hospitalized Thursday after a large sinkhole opened up in the middle of the street and swallowed three cars on Chicago's South Side, police said.
One man was hospitalized as the road collapsed beneath him. Heavy rainfall forced road closures around Chicago.
The injured man was driving when the road buckled and caved in at 9600 South Houston Avenue near the Chicago Skyway, told NBC

He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Sullivan said.
Two cars were inside the hole when fire crews arrived. A third car, which was parked, slid into the hole after first responders got to the scene.

The sinkhole is the result of a water main that broke in the area and is gushing water.

Intense rain could have aggravated the cast iron water main that dates back to 1915.

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