Saturday, 6 April 2013

Popular Pastor Rick Warren 's son commits suicide.

The Author of one of the best selling books of all time ''The Purpose Driven Life''  has lost his son to mental illness and Depression which lead his son to commiting suicide.

Matthew Warren which happens to be the name of Rick Warren's son was 27 years of age before he passed on was described by those who know him as Gentle,loving and easy going.

According to the Church's spokesman Kristin cole he died on Friday Night.

Rick Warren Recalls--I will never forget how,many years ago,after another approach has failed to relief,Matthew then said i know i am going to heaven,why can i just die and end this pain.Sad,ah 
Suicide we pray that let his Gentle soul rest in peace.

We the MacD family by this loss and pray that God give the family of Rick warren the fortitude  to bear the loss, AMEN.

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