Thursday, 25 April 2013

Jackie appiah is not getting married to Bobby Obodo.

Intro: Jackie Appiah is a Ghanaian actress, while Bobby Obodo is an actor and a Nigerian model who featured in the popular Weekend Getaway. Jackie 
already broke up with her husband and she is rumoured to be dating Bobby Obodo. Here is a statement issued by source close to her

I find it necessary to comment on recent scurrilous, slanderous and preposterous social media reports on
 Jackie Appiah's alleged 'marriage' to Bobby

First of all, let me state here that Jackie Appiah is absolutely not getting married to Bobby Obodo and the two of them are just good friends. 

I am appalled that the so-called reputable sites printing these vicious lies do not deem it fit to practice the simplest ethics of journalism like being accurate in their report and seeking reliable sources. Which of you confirmed from Jackie's management before going ahead to print?

Jackie Appiah owes it to her fans and members of the public who have always supported her career, to set the record straight on issues like these.

Source--Ladun's blog.

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