Wednesday, 3 April 2013

How to make her beg for regular sex.

                        Note that this article  for those who have attained the age of engaging in any form of sexuality activity or for married couples ,if you not married close your eyes,Lol.

In any marriage, one of the things that gets a man excited and makes him feel like a real man is when his wife is all over him for sex. t makes a man feel like a real man; a champion. But when the reverse is the case, he feels unfulfilled.

In reality, most men don’t get to the point where their wives practically and eagerly want to have sex with them. Rather, it is always the opposite; having to plead, pressurize, pamper, get moody, fight their wives for something that normally is for their mutual enjoyment. In worse cases, the resolve may be to rape her in order to have his sexual desire fulfilled.

This is so because a large percentage of men have not discovered the secret of making a woman beg for sex. When a man discovers that secret, his wife, who seems uninterested in sex, will be practically seeking for opportunities to have sex with him...

T his could range from cuddling him, giving him his favourite meals regularly, being ever ready to relieve his pains, taking pressures of life off him, sharing his burden and doing everything possible to keep him healthy. Really, there is no end to the sacrifices a wife can make to get her man to have sex with him. A woman will do all that for sex because her husband has discovered the secret I am about to share with you. So, what should be done by a man

          What can i do to make her eager for Sex:

 1)Understand a woman Sex Language:
     let me point out one major mistake that men, whose wives are not eager for sex, always make. That mistake is not approaching sex from the woman's angle. That What most men do when they want sex from their wives is to communicate their desire for sex either verbally by saying, “Can I have sex with you now?” or better still, “can we have sex?” Or they may act out their desire by physically grabbing their breasts or bum. “What is wrong with this sex language,” you may want to ask? This approach does not flow with the sex language of a woman and that is why a wife may not be eager to have sex with her husband, despite the fact that it is the proper, exciting, and enjoyable thing to do. Please, don’t tell me you used this approach before and it worked. It worked at that point in time because you unknowingly spoke her language ahead of time. Or at best, she was physiologically turned on before making such moves towards her.  That is why the average result you have in getting her to have sex has been frustrating.I can hear you breathing a sigh of relief
bringing the concluding part in the next post .

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