Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Female Pastor in United states who exposes her boobs while preaching.

 Meet US based pastor  Her name is Latasha Emmanuel  One of her most popular messages is ''The Gospel of the STRIPPERS  pole ''.

According to La Tascha Emmanuel ''I am an unconventional minister  set aside for an unconventional such as this reaching the world with the Gospel and Grace of Jesus Christ''.

My sources also say that she also has a stripper pole in her Church..

Those strongly behind the "End is Near school of thought" can have a new reason to support their stance.

This photos above shows a female preacher talking about the word of God, looking nude, with a greater percentage of her breasts out for the viewers to see.

We gathered that men are flocking to her church as a result of this.Wher the church dey may we go there,
Lol.But seriously the End time is trully near.

Latascha  Emmauel and her husband.


  1. When God created Adam and Eve He didn't put clothing on them until they felt uncomfortable from the sin that they committed. God placed us here without clothes because we are wonderfully made, so it should not make a difference that her breast are exposed, it's the truth that is being spoken that should matter.