Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Dear MacD Readers--My Penis is too small how do i satisfy my wife.

  I am honest with you that I think my penis is too small.  However,  I  once  had two Girlfriends  and they told me that my penis is so small as 5″ because my small penis is limited by various sex positions or limited sexual opportunity.  They wish that I have a huge penis as 7″ or up because they just thought my penis is very small compared with other men. what do i do?

      In a bid  to  help him,I found a useful material that i would like to share---

 I am  sorry that you are living with penis size anxiety…. This phenomena plagues men from all walks of life   and at various stages in psycho sexual development, particularly starting in early adolescence.  It makes men vulnerable to “snake oil” sales/marketing scams for a thousand ways to increase penis size.  I think a little information is in order here to help allay your fears and clarify reality.

 This is often caused by misconception gained from watching pornographic movie

 Women may tell men that they want a man with an endowed penis but when reality is brought to bear and he is thrusting deeply inside of her shouting,…… ” let me give it to you baby,” her reaction may be starkly,  the opposite.  Deep pelvic thrusting for many women hurts, although a minority of women may like this type of  sexual contact.  When some dude is banging up against the cervix and causing  one’s uterine ligaments to do a fast stretching, the pain may be  excruciating.  Furthermore, deep pelvic thrusting ( with a large or not so large penis, in certain sexual intercourse positions can cause the ovaries to  shift with each thrust.  Since ovarian tissue is the same as testicular tissue in terms of sensitivity , deep thrusting against the cervix can jar an ovary which can be equally as painful as getting “kicked in the nuts.”  At times like these,  images of a large penis is not endearing to women. So on this account, gentlemen, reframe your thoughts.

So does penis size have anything to do with sexually satisfying a woman in terms of orgasm?  A large penis has virtually nothing to do with bringing a woman to orgasm.   A little information is needed here on  female sexual anatomical physiology and on how women have orgasms.  The back two-thirds of the vaginal canal have virtually no nerve endings that would matter in producing an orgasm, so a man’s penis size is irrelevant in terms of bringing her to orgasm via sexual intercourse.
  The nerve endings that need stimulation for producing an orgasm in  a woman are  located on her clitoris, which is external and PERHAPS, her G-spot (see the female ejaculation blog for further information) which might produce a vaginal orgasm.  Most women do not have orgasms internally from their G-spots.  As a matter of fact, the late Helen Singer Kaplan, a pioneer in sexual therapy, believed that only 25% of women “come” from sexual intercourse.  Other sexual researchers and therapists believe that the ratio of clitoral orgasm to vaginal orgasm is more in the order of 50% to 50%.  What this means is the vast number of women may enjoy sexual intercourse and the feelings intercourse  produces but you can stand them on their heads and have them spit wooden nickles, but to no avail are orgasms forthcoming.  They just are not capable of “coming” through sexual intercourse.  Nothing is wrong or dysfunctional about these women…. the bulk will orgasm via masturbation or cunnilingus…

Now that we know what women are capable of sexually, lets turn back to the size of a guy’s penis.  If he is sexually active with a woman who can come from sexual intercourse all he needs is a penis at least 1-2 inches in size in the erect vasocongested state.  (Most flaccid penises are approximately anywhere between 2-5 inches and they become anywhere between 3-6″ in the erect state).  What he needs more than the size of his 2 inch penis,  is a partner who will assume the female dominant position of sexual intercourse so that she can determine the speed, flow and vigor in order for her to orgasm either from her g-spot or  indirectly through her clitoris.  A 2 inch  erect penis most certainly will stimulate the G-spot if a woman is on top. Six inches of penile thrusting in a “let me give it to you baby” paradigm is a porn inspired clique which is VERY OLD.  What women want in a man is tenderness, affection, and sensitivity to her sexual and emotional needs and his VOICE.  This is the definition of masculinity at its best. So, remember, its not the size of the ship, but the motion or the ocean.  LOL

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