Monday, 15 April 2013

Anita Joseph Smoking Indian hemp in Movie set.

Anita Joseph is presently shooting a movie video alongside Funke akindele, Frenemy Nuella but though the name of the movie is yet to be out Anita is already creating a lot of buzz about the movie.

Anita is certainly one of the most sexiest actress in Nollywood but please  i want to ask Aunty Anita one question the indian hemp she is smoking i n the movie, is the movie about Drugs or about drug addiction because me i don not understand this Gimmick.

Anitaa and Funke akindele
Anita i admire your personality so much but what problem  do you have with stella ,See what she says--
          Anita Joseph is no doubt a pretty Actress with a body that rocks...abeg check out the waist na!

          The only problem is that she throws this in our faces all the time,and it has become boring!
          Anita your shape na figure 9(I have added google plus one to it you hear?)hehe LMAO.

         This mark on your hand looks like a dog with rabies attacked bit you..please take off whatever this  is    because no be tattoo be this...abeg.abeg abeg!
        The Actress is currently ratting to some people on set in Enugu that she is in love with Footballer     ......  Mikel obi ,Mikel oya over to you;lunch is served and waiting!
        I hiss in vernacular!

Don't Mind stella Jooo i respect your hussle.
Anita and Frenemy Nuella.
Source:Stella's blog

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