Thursday, 31 January 2013

Joke of the day :Epic Gbaguan

Twitter is one social network i dont really understand ,and sometimes i wonder what da fuzz is twitter really  about ,but the interesting thing is that there are wonderful' Nigerian twitters'  that get me interested in twitter.

i was reading a magazine of the most epic and viral Gbaguan Nigerian has ever seen .Here are some of them and some of the magazine author's reply:enjoy
@quadri04:Don't let anybody betrayed u and ur trust.
is reply::U've betrayed your english teacher
@tundeajibulu:I was beg  to flown first,but i said no
his reply:thank God you didn'.t hehe!
@fantasyberry:Y do women losses shape wen dey give bath
his reply:cos of this gbaguan
@OGOPLUWA::what a strikers!Ziatan ibrahimmovich!
his reply:what a wetin?
@muzza_murry:Chelsea fans stop crying cuz u u beat u fair and square.
his reply:Jesu!!!
his reply:is it the bathroom
and the mother of them all
@karen_igho: @Rukkysanda wants to future me in one of her up coming movies wowza!!''
his reply:O_O Oh boy
Hope you had a nice laugh cuz i am laughing my ass out.
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